Digital Divide – One Laptop Per Child

There is an outstanding digital divide in developing countries. One laptop Per Child is a non-profit organization which provides children from all over the world with great new ways to learn, share and self-express. There mission is to create educational opportunities for children of the world, by providing the poorest children with efficient, low costing laptops. There are five key principle which are that the children get to keep the laptops and cant take them home. One laptop is focused on early education, so ages 6-12. Another key principle is that no one gets left out because they deal in large numbers, which means whole schools and classrooms get them at the same time. Students must also have connection to the internet as there are a variety to learn. Lastly, the XO laptop must contain free source software so that the laptop can grow itself with the needs of the child. One Laptop Per Child is a Non-Profit organization which means that the children are the mission, not their market.


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