Education and Gaming

Education and Gaming

Parents, teachers and school authorities usually see the negative outcomes when children and technology mix.  However, children of this age are technologically orientated and can operate technology from an early age. Introducing games into a school setting can motivate and enhance a child’s learning process. Educational games can motivate children by setting goals for children, by setting goals for the children to achieve, and when achieved, the children will feel a sense of achievement while also the enjoyment of learning educational topics. A child’s learning process can also be better by viewing their mistakes as a problems or failure but seeing it as a part of an educational experience. Children are growing in a digital world which keeps on expanding and know technological devices better than text books. Students can create games for an I.T class or even playing games to achieve educational goals. The link below is a game I have created. I found it easy and enjoyable to create even with my limited skills.


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