Teaching episode with Technology


The feedback I have received on my blog has been very pleasing, it highlights that my content is shows exemplary awareness towards the topics. It also shows that the design is eye-catching and I included a range on media such as videos, photo gallery and I have also include a link to a game I have created. The feed-backs also mention that the posts are logically organised and my ideas are not waffle. However, this feedback shows that there are spelling mistakes and have a few grammatical errors. i believe this is because I did not double check my work before I posted it. Although, corrections have now been made.Capture

Cyberbullying and Schools.

Technology can offer children opportunities to learn, be creative and socialise online. However, it can also be an opportunity for inappropriate behaviour, bullying and harassment which can result in in children having depression, mental disorders and even suicide. Even though social networking is the source of this issue, we simply cannot remove it’s as a whole to erase this issue. Instead, children and adolescents need to be educated to understand the acceptable use of social networking and that bullying is not tolerable. The Australian Department of Education have developed resources for teachers and schools to include in their educational programs to promote responsibility and acceptable behaviour in children. Safe Schools Hub is one program offered by the Australian Government which offers information and resources for school communities to adopt so students can develop relationships and support those who are victims of bullying.

How can teachers Successfully communicate to students

A successful teacher is one who is able to educate diverse students. In order for teaching to be effective, they must acquire proper communication skills, and to focus on how to adapt their communication methods and skills based on children and adolescents. Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages verbally and nonverbally.It is vital that a teacher ensures that they are having the appropriate communication methods put in place to successfully reach out to their students.Early education and primary teachers tone needs to be soft. This is for the reason that the ages of their students may be quiet young and might view the teacher as a motherly or fatherly role in a school-based setting. However secondary teachers may choose to have a more friendly tone when dealing with teenagers and adolescents due to the fact that the students may have a better relationship when teachers can connect with them. If a student feels that their input and thoughts would be neglected and judged, the student will not reach the academic standards. This means that the educator’s role has not been successfully achieved.

innappropriate use of social networking by teachers

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Although there is the obvious freedom to do as you wish in your personal life, there is still a certain image which is expected when you have a professional life. Working as a teacher has great influence over what you choose to make public in your private life. Young children who are easily influenced view teachers as a role model, therefore, if teachers are practicing poor morals or behaviors publically, students will then imitate.
A 23 year old teacher in Colorado, Carly McKinney, was put on leave for posting inappropriate photos of herself smoking marijuana, twerking, and almost nude photos of her self on Twitter.

Education and Gaming

Education and Gaming

Parents, teachers and school authorities usually see the negative outcomes when children and technology mix.  However, children of this age are technologically orientated and can operate technology from an early age. Introducing games into a school setting can motivate and enhance a child’s learning process. Educational games can motivate children by setting goals for children, by setting goals for the children to achieve, and when achieved, the children will feel a sense of achievement while also the enjoyment of learning educational topics. A child’s learning process can also be better by viewing their mistakes as a problems or failure but seeing it as a part of an educational experience. Children are growing in a digital world which keeps on expanding and know technological devices better than text books. Students can create games for an I.T class or even playing games to achieve educational goals. The link below is a game I have created. I found it easy and enjoyable to create even with my limited skills.


There is an outstanding digital divide in developing countries. One laptop Per Child is a non-profit organization which provides children from all over the world with great new ways to learn, share and self-express. There mission is to create educational opportunities for children of the world, by providing the poorest children with efficient, low costing laptops. There are five key principle which are that the children get to keep the laptops and cant take them home. One laptop is focused on early education, so ages 6-12. Another key principle is that no one gets left out because they deal in large numbers, which means whole schools and classrooms get them at the same time. Students must also have connection to the internet as there are a variety to learn. Lastly, the XO laptop must contain free source software so that the laptop can grow itself with the needs of the child. One Laptop Per Child is a Non-Profit organization which means that the children are the mission, not their market.